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SPEAKER  July 5th, 2017

Steve Tremulis

Where’s My Dream Car?

STEVE is a member of our branch. He is a regular participant in our golf group and
consistently demonstrates what the rest of used to be able to do.
Steve is a retired biomedical device engineer with an engineering degree from Purdue University.
He is an inventor on over 50 issued UnitedStates patents, primarily relating to medical devices  including stents to open clogged arteries in the heart, tiny coils to help close down aneurysms in the brain, and catheter delivery systems to get these devices where they need to be.
He also has inherited his Uncle’s incredible life’s work of over 50 years as an automobile designer. His uncle, Alex Tremulis, is probably best known as the Chief Stylist for the 1948 Tucker
automobile, which was made into a movie by Francis Ford Coppola, but he was also
responsible for many of the dream cars from the 1950’s that included nuclear propulsion, GPS
systems, and flying cars. We’re still waiting for that future.
Steve will be presenting many of these dream cars and let us know where they are today…
Steve’s family was also active in motorcycle racing. At one time they held the motorcycle
speed record for several years.