How To Join

To join Branch 51 of SIR the following steps are followed:

  • Contact the membership chairman, Tim Eastham,  by phone at 650-366-2449 or by email:  
  • The membership chairman  will provide you with an application
  • Fill out the application and submit to the membership chair who will present it at a monthly board meeting
  • Attend a monthly luncheon to be introduced as a potential member
  • Be approved by the Executive Committee
  • Pay $40 for initiation fee to cover your name tag and dues for the current year 
  • Welcome to SIR!

The annual dues for Branch 51 SIR is $25

SIR-application (This is a Microsoft Word document.  It must be downloaded and opened in Word.  It will not open on this web page).

PDF version of SIR-application  (When document is opened, either print directly to your printer or download to your computer, Action buttons pop up on the lower right of the image).  It cannot be edited online.